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Information Agency of the Unions of Architects

123001 Russia, Moscow, Granatny Lane 9, Central house of architect, Press-centre
Tel +7 (499) 4098861 press@architektor.ru  

Ekaterina Chugunova General Director

The Architect Information Agency broadly covers Russian and foreign architectural news, the activities of the Unions of Architects. It provides information to the professionals in the field of architecture and adjacent disciplines. Among the constant users of the Agency´s information are more than 12 000 members of the Union of Architects of Russia and Moscow and all those who are interested in the problems of architecture and construction. The Architect Information Agency offers a wide spectrum of services for arranging PR-campaigns in the field of architecture and design using all the advantages of the contemporary multimedia facilities. It also organizes conferences, seminars and other types of events and is active in the creation and support of architectural websites. Among the latest activities there is the creation of a Studio of Architectural Television where discussions, conferences and other online performances are filmed. More than 10 years, the Agency is the PR-service of the leading architectural organizations, unions, associations, private architects.

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